Odette Necklace

Posted by Liisa Turunen on 17th Jan 2015

A little while ago I had the pleasure of dragging my husband to the Ballet... Two weekends in a row:) Lucky me.. One of the shows we went to was Swan Lake. I absolutely loved it! The one thing that I … read more

2 New Pendant Kits

Posted by Liisa Turunen on 11th Apr 2014

Once I get an idea in my mind I have a tendency to obsess... And the obsession this week is on pendants! It started as a little experiment with myselfhaving received a kilo of dark purple beads by acc … read more

New Design Willow Earrings

Posted by Liisa Turunen on 27th Mar 2014

Hi All,Spring is finally upon us! For all my northern friends I am sure it is a relief! Here in Florida not much is changing weather wise but spring for me means kitten season is here! And after a few … read more