2 New Pendant Kits

Posted by Liisa Turunen on 11th Apr 2014

Once I get an idea in my mind I have a tendency to obsess... And the obsession this week is on pendants! It started as a little experiment with myself

having received a kilo of dark purple beads by accident, a color that I would normally never have on my pallet. Most of us have a very comfortable

color that we love to work with that is comfy.. this color was not comfy to me.. But, surprisingly once I got started mixing these "odd" colors I found

it very enjoyable and couldn't stop.. So loooong pendants are now what I want! The Korat Pendant kit measures 5 inches long and includes 4 different

shaped Swarovski Stones. Also new this week, another long pendant.. back in my comfort zone of silvers and greys;) The Clowder Pendant kit. This is

a bead embroidery piece. Both of these kits are on preorder and set to ship out on 4/21.