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Pallas Necklace



Ocarina Necklace



Fair and Square Bracelet

Skill Level: Intermediate

Description: Graceful and sophisticated, this bracelet wears comfortably and has a lot of shimmer. A real statement piece with a blinged-out magnetic clasp.

Students will Learn: How to use peyote stitch to create square shapes; how to construct bezels to hold tiny crystal stones; how to attach the components together with a row of crystal hinges.

Materials in Kit: Cylinder beads; Japanese seed beads; crystal magnetic clasp; Swarovski stones, bicones, pearls; One-G beading thread; beading needles.


Deep Sea Diamonds

Skill Level: Intermediate



Mirage Bracelet

Skill Level: Intermediate

Description:Sparkling crystals on the tops and both sides, are embellished with pearls. This bracelet is fun to look at from all angles.

Students will Learn:How to bezel Swarovski chatons and connect them using a combination of peyote stitch and right-angle weave.

Prerequisites:Students should be comfortable with right-angle weave.

Materials in Kit:Swarovski chatons, pearls; seed beads; cylinder beads; magnetic clasps; One-G beading thread; beading needles.


Oncilla Necklace

Skill Level:Intermediate

Description:Fun to make and fun to wear! Colorful crystals mixed with glass cabochons are worked together with fans of pearls to create a uniquely shaped necklace.

Students will Learn:How to bezel an assortment of shaped crystals and glass cabochons, then connect and embellish with fans of crystal pearls using a combination of stitches.

Prerequisites:Students should know right-angle weave and peyote stitch.

Materials in Kit:Seed beads; cylinder beads; glass cabochons; Swarovski rivolis, chatons, pearls, bicones; fire-polished glass beads; magnetic clasp; One-G beading thread; beading needles.


Sand Cat Necklace

Skill Level: Intermediate



Lots of Layers Bracelet


Memory Lane Necklace

Skill Level: Advanced

Description: Use a combination of stitches to create this long fun necklace that encases pictures of what you love most. All of the components are reversible and customized using either personal pictures, magazines, or colorful paper.




Jeweled Lotus










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