Mau Necklace Beading Pattern

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Skill Level:
Intermediate to Advanced
peyote & right angle weave
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Inspired by a full two weeks of watching every documentary I could find on ancient Egypt, a culture known for worshiping cats, I couldn't resist. And also developing a slight crush on the "boy king" himself Tutankhamun.

This kit uses the amazing new color Iridescent Green Swarovski pearls! Combining peyote stitch and right angle weave to form large open squares with the inlayed look of pearls surrounding the edges. Add some glimmer and interest to the over all shape with rivolis. This pendant measures approx. 6 inches wide with the center square measuring 2 inches. For a similar and smaller pendant see the Mau Pendant kit. 


Supplies Needed:

11/0 Cylinder Beads

11/0 Seed Beads

15/0 Seed Beads

3mm Pearls

12mm Rivolis